Damages Expert Analysis and Forensic Consulting



Damages Expert Analysis and Forensic Consulting

Damages Expert Analysis and Forensic Consulting

Damages Expert Analysis and Forensic ConsultingDamages Expert Analysis and Forensic ConsultingDamages Expert Analysis and Forensic Consulting

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Economic Damages Analysis

Economic Damages Analysis

Economic Damages Analysis

Analyzing damages is a critical component of any litigation matter.  Yet, articulating economic damages is more complex than simply adding numbers on a page.  Proper damages analysis requires extensive understanding of the facts and circumstances of each individual matter.  A damages expert armed with the facts can render appropriate opinions while pinpointing any flaws in the opposing expert's opinions.  Opposing damages experts may put forth opinions supported by hundreds of pages of schedules, yet, a single improper assumption can undermine the entire analysis.  


Forensic Investigation

Economic Damages Analysis

Economic Damages Analysis

Seemingly routine forensic inspections can evolve into significant disputes overnight.  By engaging us early, we can provide counsel with valuable feedback at every step in the process.  The first step is for us to meet with counsel and come up with a plan to assess the financial records at issue.  As our analysis progresses, we keep counsel informed so that they can make recommendations to the client.  Investigations are often fraught with surprises, but having confidence in the quality and timeliness of information can have a positive impact on the outcome.


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Economic Damages Analysis

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Contact us for a free phone consultation.  We can review pleadings and discuss the matter with you so that you can understand our approach before moving forward.  By consulting with us early, we can assist you in the discovery process and provide input at critical junctures.

Key Coleman, CPA, CFA - Executive Director and founder


Our Services

Key Coleman assists his clients in understanding complexities hidden in the numbers relating to commercial disputes.  Key brings financial expertise into the realm of litigation and arbitration that helps clarify intricate pleadings and expert opinions.  Key performs damages analysis, serves as a damages expert witness and performs litigation and arbitration support.    


Key is an economic damages expert with numerous areas of expertise.  His experience includes: 

  • Business breakups 
  • Contract disputes
  • Economic wage loss
  • Energy
  • Financial services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual property
  • Lost profits
  • Manufacturing
  • Post-acquisition purchase price disputes    

Insurance and Reinsurance

Key has an extensive background and expertise in damages analysis in the insurance and reinsurance industry.  His specialties in this area include:

• Accounting analysis (Statutory and GAAP) 

• Agencies and Brokers E&O 

• Business Interruption

• Claims analysis 

• Forensic Accounting and Insurance Investigations (including MGA and TPA inspections) 

• Managing General Agencies (MGAs) 

• Regulatory matters 

• Reinsurance matters 

• Run-off and Insolvency analysis 

• Third Party Administrators (TPAs) 

• Underwriting analysis 

• Workers’ Compensation 

Key began his career in insurance underwriting and operations, but later transitioned to a Big Four accounting firm where he rose to the level of partner.  Key has cross-functional skills in many of the areas where disputes arise, including:  underwriting, claims, reinsurance and accounting.  In fact, he is one of the few experts nationwide who hold both the CPA and the CPCU designations.  

By understanding the inner workings of insurance companies as well as their service providers (agents, brokers, MGAs, reinsurers and TPAs), Key is uniquely able to provide special insights to his clients. 

Recent Matters

Key's recent engagements include: 

  • Insolvency analysis for a state insurance guaranty fund
  • Lost wages analysis
  • Energy industry dispute
  • Intellectual property dispute
  • Business breakup in the investment industry
  • Manufacturing company dispute
  • Life insurance disputes
  • Property & Casualty disputes

Firm Interests

Our firm has an interest in how the threat of climate change is impacting insurance and risk management worldwide.  Key has written articles and provided commentary to the media on this topic.  His most recent articles were run in Asia Insurance Review in November 2019 and in AIRROC Matters in March 2020.

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